Interview with defrocked
  • Interview with defrocked

Vatican Genocide: The Catholic Church Murdering of 50,000 Children - DVD

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Vatican Genocide: The Murdering of 50,000 Children


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Vatican Genocide is an interview with Kevin Annett, a former minister of the United Church of Canada, who was publicly defrocked and blacklisted after exposing evidence of the abuse - and the murder - of 50,000 indigenous children in United Church Indian residential schools, as well as land theft by churches. Annett has gathered undeniable evidence which forms the basis of a current lawsuit against the Pope and the Crown of England. Organized religion may be the most dangerous force in the world, because of its history of legitimizing mass murder, e.g. the Pope forgiving the sins of those who steal, rape and kill in God s name . 58-min. DVD*
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