Satanic Ritual Abuse Exposed
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse Exposed

Satanic Ritual Abuse Exposed - DVD

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Satanic Ritual Abuse Exposed



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Retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson exposes the Satanic cult that rules the world. Learn the 25 aims of the Illuminati and how they are part of a powerful network of drugs, paedophilia, prostitution, pornography and child trafficking (conducted through CIA fronts). He presents proof of Satanic Ritual Abuse, including human sacrifice, animal bones and satanic symbols in the dirt. Satanists get a dark high from drinking the blood of their tortured victims, which contains emotional neurochemicals released into the blood at the time of their death. This is a ghastly topic, but if we want to stop it, we need to face the fact that is it happening all over the US and the world as part of an organized conspiracy. 69-min. DVD

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