HAARP, Chemtrails and Plasma Weapons: Exposing a Spiritual, Mass Mind-Control and Planetary Assault - DVD

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HAARP, Chemtrails and Plasma Weapons


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Alfred Webre of exposes how the interpretation of 2012 as the end of world scenario is a psy-op designed to trick you. HAARP is a frequency weapon, based in space, on sea and on ground, which transforms the atmosphere into a plasma to work alongside chemtrails and other bioweapons. The level of aluminum around us (shown to cause brain damage) is 1000s times the toxic limit. HAARP beams ELF waves to entrain the mind into acceptance of reduced liberty, includes electrical warfare (transmitted through power points in your house), but ultimately is spiritual warfare, trying to disrupt higher states of consciousness in people. The good news, though, is that this film ends with some practical suggestions of what We the People can do to protect ourselves and stop HAARP. 57-min. DVD
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