New World Order - Revealed!

Exposing the New World Order

The NWO (New World Order) is a rich and powerful group of genetically-related individuals, including many of the worlds top politicians, corporate elite and so-called royal bloodlines, whose agenda is to create a fascist, militaristic One World Government. Their plan is to back this planetary-wide centralized dictatorship with a one world currency and army, and wipe out the middle class to leave a hierarchical society with just rulers and servants, who they want to have microchipped. The NWO agenda also includes depopulation of the Earth (through various means such as war, famine, vaccines, poisoned food and water supplies and HAARP-induced earthquakes and other environmental disasters) to leave around 500 million surviving - a much more manageable amount. The following resources expose many of the key figures, secret societies, councils and front groups of the NWO, and reveal the details of their genocidal scheme to control the world. Becoming aware is the first step to combating tyranny and reclaiming freedom, so get informed now, while the battle is in the balance and there is still a good chance of defeating the NWO.

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