Unexplained Mysteries and Anomalies

Unexplained Mysteries and Anomalies
Mainstream officials and authorities like to calmly reassure people that we are the most advanced civilization to ever exist on Earth, and that our model of scientific rationalism and materialism understands everything. But are we and does it? Is the science settled or are we being lulled into a false sense of security by our leaders who dont really know? Or worse, who are trying to suppress the truth to stay in power? Explore these myriad resources and realize that the world is full of phenomena that cannot be explained, including fascinating topics such as the holographic nature of our world and reality, inexplicable holes in the theory of heliocentrism and globe earth, weird things in Antarctica and on the Moon and Mars, hidden history, mysterious murders, unsolved crimes, astronaut fakery, lost technology, Earth changes (such as pole shifts) and more.

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