Body Freedom - Naturism

Body Freedom - Naturism
Naturism or nudism acknowledges and celebrates the human body as it is without clothes. Nudism gives you a feeling of freedom. Its healthy and relaxing. You dont have to put up with a wet bathing suit. Its more pleasant and hygienic. It is fun and practical; clothes dont get dirty. Tan without lines. Social nudity increases self confidence and promotes a positive body image. There are now many beaches, towns, places and communities in the US and worldwide where naturism is practiced and accepted. There doesnt have to be anything sexual or arousing about people going about in the nude. Naturism is related to freedom, because as you take your clothes off, you also shed class consciousness, self-consciousness, anxieties, shame and fear. Learn more about naturism and how it can be liberating and beneficial for you. NOTE: All videos in this section contain non-sexual, non-erotic, family oriented nudism.

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